Bugs That Hitchhike To Invade Your Home

There are many ways insects and small pests enter our homes. Some simply enter from opened doors, windows or unsecured vents, while some use a more innovative way of travelling with you and your clothing and sometimes luggage you carry around. However the hitchhiking insect scientifically known as Cimex Lectularius is very common and can be a problematic nuisance in homes.

Bed bugs are a group of parasitic insects that derive from the cimicid family and they only feed on blood. Though we have mostly encountered the household version that feed on us, there are many other varieties that feed on other animals as well. Since of late the use of bed bugs pesticide and other prevention methods have increased due to an increase in infestation locations and medical issues related to their bites. With this increase has come the question of how they enter homes in the first place. Since they are known to hitch a ride, it is important to understand some of the common forms they use to travel from place to place.

Everyday action: prevention is always better than having to tackle a full blown infestation; therefore it is always better to check your bedrooms, bed linen and even where pets sleep. There are always signs of blood spots that can be signs of having these insects. Never use second hand furniture and mattresses or carpets and such without proper inspection and treatment.

At work: though they are mostly found at home, these insects can easily travel to workplaces by travelling on people. Therefore make sure that thorough bed bug treatment is undertaken at workplaces as well. It is recommended that all areas within the employment premises are cleaned and vacuumed. Areas including stairways, lobby’s, storefronts and working or eating areas should all be checked regularly. Attention to furniture and upholstery is also very important and also consider checking electrical socks as well as they are known to harbour in such dark places.

Travelling: if you travel a lot, it is imperative that you make sure the hotel room you stay in is bug free. Therefore make sure of it before you unpack and settle in. If you find some or see signs of these insects immediately notify the management and request a fresh room. It is also important that till you leave the hotel that your suitcases are kept inside a plastic bag or such to prevent any of the insects from getting in.  If you have encountered them during your stay, it is important that you unpack outside your home and hot wash all the material or clothing. Vacuuming the suitcase or any other baggage that you have been carrying is also recommended.

School : it is better to check children’s backpacks and their belongings in a regular manner to check for any signs and to prevent them from carrying any unwanted guests home or vice versa.

As understood, these hitchhiking insects find unique ways to travel with you, therefore keeping a watchful eye and taking prompt action seems to be the way to go.