Planning A Cleanup Campaign

Does your neighborhood look like it needs a bit of cleaning? Or are you planning to organize a community service program? You will be able to plan out a perfect cleanup campaign after reading these tips.

Organizing committee
Having an organizing committee can make planning of the campaign much easier than having it planned by one or two people. This will also reduce the amount of responsibilities that one person has to perform and make it less stressful for them. Assign one person the task of finding volunteers, another to find the cleaning tools and equipment and another to plan out refreshments for everyone. Have a coordinator to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Make a plan
Make a plan of work to be done and what things are needed to complete these tasks. Once you have decided the places to be cleaned and how to clean them, you can make a list of things that you will need. This can include cleaning tools (shovels, rakes, buckets etc.), safety equipment, trash bags and trash cans or a skip hire Adelaide and refreshments for participants. Some of these items you might have to buy or hire but you can also ask the participants to bring their own equipment.

Since this is going to be an event where you need the participation of many people, it is better to have the campaign on a Sunday or any other public holiday where many won’t have work or any other special event coming up. This way you can get as many participants as possible. You can schedule the event to start at an early time so you can get the work completed early. Once the time and the date are finalized call for volunteers. You can even give the event a small promotion through social media if you want.

Disposing the garbage
A cleanup campaign will not be successful if you haven’t panned out how to dispose all the waste that will gather at the end of the day. This is another important thing you should plan out before implementing the program. The organizers can arrange with the area you are going to clean, to collect the garbage. Depending on the area there can even be certain rules and regulations attached to waste disposal that you need to consider before the cleaning day. If you cannot arrange a waste disposal method through the municipality, try a private company and go for a skip bin hire to collect the waste. Since you are planning to do a service to the society, make sure you complete your task well with a methodical plan. Above tips can help to make your cleanup campaign a successful one.